Some Quality Meat is a directory for high quality tattoo inspiration and culture. It’s an everlasting endeavor into curating the world’s most beautiful tattoos and quality artists. Every week we present a few artists through their astonishing work or unique perspective in this field. Through this we strive to elevate and supports the progression and quality of the tattoo art form.

Get inspired by the names and stunning images that display their unique works in the most aspiring way. We are convinced that the journey is just as important as that moment itself. Collect your favorite images and designs by creating your personal “My SQM” account and develop your own inspiration stream.

Our passion for tattoo culture inspires us to share and discover the stories of its pioneers and artists, their intriguing views and the love they have for tattooing. At SQM we intend to stimulate a dialogue so we can fully understand the definition of high quality tattoos, through a diversity of traditional craftsmen and a new breed of tattoo artists.


Many pictures are given by the artist themselves, whereas all ‘artist unknown’ pictures are curated from the web and we are still looking for the artist. If you know one of these artists please let us know so we can credit its creator.

The pictures from Some Quality Meat’s specials are created by us and are free for you to share with the world. Please use all the of presented images as inspiration and not as a template for your tattoo design. If you are inspired to get a tattoo by a design or image that is published in our directory please contact the concerning artist and he or she will create a custom design for you.


At Some Quality Meat we intend to give brands their own platform to share their passion using unobtrusive, full-screen wallpapers. We believe that advertising can enhance an online experience and emphasize its story. SQM delivers over 125.000 ad impressions each month and is still growing considerably. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in advertising possibilities or sharing your brand with our audience.

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